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What We Do?
  • Buy & Sell Service
  • Leasing & Rental (for corporate dedicated service)
  • Project Marketing & Sales
    Detail Activity abt marketing and pre-post sales activity, Brand loyalty
Commercial / Industrial
  • Buy & Sell Service
  • Leasing & Rental (for corporate dedicated service)

Land is another asset class which has a huge potential to create immense wealth with maximum safety of capital. We are equipped to assist those who are interested in purchasing good sites with clean titles and can cater to any such land requirements ranging from 1 acre to 300 acres.  As a goodwill measure, we have started assisting our clients to resell their existing sites, if the same are 100% legally clean.

Property Management

Resale of properties bought by investors through Dunia
The key to our phenomenal popularity among investors is due to the below : i) We take 100% responsibility to resell any property bought by them through us. ii) This means total relief to investors. E.g. imagine person sitting in Abroad . They have been avoiding investments so far as they don’t want to burden their parents & take obligation from their relatives to manage resale, renting, etc and also do not have access to best builders before public launch. With Dunia taking 100% responsibility they are free to invest now and not only that but they can keep buying and reselling once in 3 years, thereby making regular capital gains of 50-200% against their capital. This ultimately means life long association with Dunia for our clients.

Leasing & Maintenance of properties
Incase clients want us to manage their properties like monitoring rent collection, payments of taxes, attending to tenants complaints, we do assist by charging 3 weeks rent per year.

Getting Tenants
Incase our client want us to fix tenants, we can assist them in the same. 

Land Liaison

  • Land Search
  • Survey
  • Prepare legal documentation
  • Registration
  • Sate Government Reservation Clearance ( 32G,Inami Land, Navin Shart, Juni Shart and other reservatio)
  • Liaison with Circle office, TILR, Health Devision, Road Department,Enviorment Devision,
  • Liaison with District Collector office, Tahsildar office, Town Planing office,
  • Liaison with BMC, TMC and MHADA.
  • Non Agriculture Convesion, Building Plan Passing & Town planing Approval.

    We have a qualified team of professionals to handle job smoothly and hassle free.

  • Planning & Execution :
    Project Plannig, Approval & Execution

  • Legal Advisory :
    Property Title Search, Survey, Property Records, Registration

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