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Buying reconverted agricultural land
While it is a well known fact to many NRIs that they cannot legally purchase agricultural land as per current regulations in India, the feeling that everything is possible in India persists in peoples minds, some people feel that NRIs can and do buy agricultural land in India.

But the best concept of investing in reconverted farmland. in India , farmland can be re-converted to residential land after taking clearance from government department. But it is very important to check sanctity of company you are dealing with some may even let you glance at documents that may show the land is already re-converted and this may or may not be the true. Here are a few things to keep in mind by those of you who are thinking of buying agricultural land in India with the idea of getting it re-converted for residential or business us later.
  1. To legally get agricultural land designated as residential is not as easy process as some land brokers impress upon potential purchasers as it has to go through many clearance and all agriculture land cannot be converted. While they may make promises that they will get the paper work done for you after the purchase, whether you should take their words at face value, I leave that decision to you.

  2. Each State has its own rule on re-converting agricultural land, Check the procedure thoroughly before parting with your money.

With residential and commercial real estate prices are touching sky and reached historical highs in most urban areas, traditional property investors are looking at other viable options. One idea floating around these days is buying agricultural land and people are started treating as one of the most important part in their investment portfolio, which experts say, may not weigh too heavy on your pocket. It could also be a source of tax-free income, they say. However, buying agricultural land is not an easy process like finalizing an apartment. There are a host of issues, most importantly legal ones, to tackle before owning a piece of verdant land. "Buying agricultural land is the most sensible thing to do, though the returns on investment are as high as 200% to 300% in two to three years but you need a expert consultancy for legal check, land survey and to carry entire buying transaction.
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