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Which areas are expected to see maximum real estate development in the coming year 2014? Why?

Navi Mumbai would be the region to look out for in the year 2014. CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation, Maharashtra) and the government have been equally active in promoting housing and infrastructure in Navi Mumbai (Metro, road connectivity, sea-link etc). Further, with the recent development regarding the proposed Navi Mumbai airport, one is expected to see fast-paced residential activity in the region.

Can NRI who have acquired foreign citizenship keep agricultural Land in India?

Must NRI with Foreign Citizenship sell agricultural land they previously owned? This is a question that is often asked by non residents who already held agricultural land prior to the change of their residential status. NRI who have acquired foreign citizenship are sometimes mislead into believing that they cannot continue to hold agricultural land because foreigners cannot own agricultural land in India. This is not true.While foreigners cannot purchase agricultural land, they can continue to hold agricultural land or any other property they own in India provided they had acquired them legally before accepting foreign citizenship.
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